Make An Impact With Beautiful Red Lips♥

lipstickThe language of colour – is fascinating let’s look at Red.

If your favourite colour is red:  You see yourself as – Ambitious, energetic, courageous, extroverted.

For your identity colour you have chosen the flashiest and most dramatic of all colours. Physical or emotional, ‘very human’ is another name for you.  You can be dynamic and direct but also generous.  You, red, have a strong character and love to be active and competitive.  You are solid in knowing what you want, and usually win.

If a female, you have a tendency to react quickly and emotionally, not always objectively.   As a leader, you have the ability and energy to move forward positively.

You are red, you are first, the Adam and Eve of society, the sexiest of all.  You have strength, courage and conviction of your rights, as well as wanting equal justice for all.

Mmmmm if you can’t see yourself in say, a red top or jacket, perhaps you can just add a dramatic touch of red with your Lipstick –

Here is how to do the Perfect Lips

Some things are really hard — climbing Mount Everest, saying no to the last French fry, learning how to breakdance when you’re over 30 and completely inflexible (particularly in the hamstrings) — but other things, like achieving a perfect red lip, aren’t that hard at all.

Smooth, symmetrical red lips with crisp, yet not harsh, edges are easy with the right tools, a few tips and a little practice. By the end of this post, you will NOT look like a demented clown about to go on a rampage at a children’s birthday party (although this happens sometimes when I try to do lip liner on bare lips). Pretty soon you’ll be doing ’em like a seasoned pro.

So, let’s start at the very beginning, which is a very good place to start. Um… I think I may have or have not just quoted Sound of Music, but whatever..

1. Apply lipstick to the center area of your lips


Begin by applying (directly from the bullet) the red lipstick you’d like to wear around the center area of your lips. The key here: don’t take the lipstick all the way out to the edges.


lipstick 2

At this point, as is the case so often with makeup, if you’re doing it right, it’ll look kinda weird…

2. Now drag the lipstick out to your natural lip line

lip brush

Using a lip brush loaded with the same red lipstick, fill in the edges around the area you applied from the bullet a moment ago, dragging some of the existing lipstick out while also painting all the way to the edge of your lip line. We’re doing this because the brush is more detailed than the lipstick bullet.

To learn the next 3 steps by Karen please visit the link below


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