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The Wonders of Vitamin E!

What is Vitamin E?
Vitamin E is an oil-soluble vitamin. It comes in several forms and can be consumed and applied to boost its benefits for your skin. The most popular and used in skincare products is tocopherol and you may have seen it as a component of many of your skincare products.

Benefits of Vitamin E
It protects your skin from free radicals that come from pollution and UV Rays.
Vitamin E is great to promote cell regeneration, speeding up the healing of your tissue. It works great in the winter and spring seasons when your skin tends to get dry.

You can find it in moisturizing creams such as our beU’s Retinol Anti Aging Moisturizer!
This vitamin is also known to increase softness and fights inflammations on the skin.

You want to include this vitamin on your daily regimen to avoid dryness, sensitivity, and irritation. As you age it is normal to lose vitamin E concentrations on your skin which leads to premature aging.

Where can I find vitamin E?
You find vitamin E in green vegetables, cereals, eggs, vegetable oils, and nuts. You can also consume it orally in supplements in case there is any deficiency.

Try to avoid the use of Vitamin E in its pure form, since it can cause dermatitis-type reactions and lean towards mixed forms of the product such as serums and moisturizers.

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