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Cleanse your skin the right way this winter with beU

The air is chilly, we spend more time indoors but still, temperature changes can mess up your skin during winter. Adjusting your skincare regime is vital and cleansing is the first and most vital step. beU brings you some pieces of advice to take into account during this season and how to feel and look beautiful while nourishing your skin with the best ingredients.

Use a gentle cream cleanser

Sometimes we don’t pay much attention to what cleansers do to our skin: they take away natural oils from the tissue, leaving us unprotected. That can be the reason why your skin may feel dry and tight.

A gentle cleansing cream is better than any foam or water during these cold months. The Manuka Cream Cleanser by beU is ideal for this time of the year: It fully dissolves makeup from the face and eyes and efficiently removes impurities, dirt and bacteria without drying skin, leaving behind a silky finish with your skin looking hydrated and bright.

Manuka honey is an exceptional ingredient that helps retain moisture, protects and rejuvenates your skin in combination with aloe vera, jojoba oil and avocado oil, leaving the skin breathable, while restoring its suppleness and softness.

Do not use harsh cleansers which dry the skin out and upset the natural PH balance of the skin.

This Acid Mantle is a protective shield for the skin.  The beU Manuka Cream Cleanser is PH balanced in its action on the skin.


Heating, temperature changes and other factors can increase dryness in your skin. We may not feel tempted to drink vast amounts of water, but it is necessary for your skin more than exposing it to water itself. Hot beverages like tea can help counteract the loss of water when you’re on exteriors and keep your skin looking supple.

Keeping your showers short, using lukewarm water instead of hot can also help; hot water isn’t your skin’s best friend during this season. Instead, some steam may help: Use a face cloth, soak it in warm water (Not Hot) and place it on your face without rubbing, it will bring some moisture back to your skin after a long day.

Now that you know the basics about cleansing your skin during this winter, will you adjust accordingly and make the natural choice with beU? Our ingredients are all-natural and not tested on animals. The ideal sustainable gift for you and your family!


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