Make Up Tips For ladies Who Wear Glasses

Attractive woman smilingHere are some easy makeup ideas for you ladies who wear eyeglasses!

To show your personal preference, even if you like a natural look or more dramatic.   Here are a few trendy tips to help you look your best.

Being a glasses wearer completely changes how your face looks, which means that the way you wear your makeup with glasses should be different from how you wear it without.

Follow these simple tips to be sure that you are spectacular with your spectacles!

If you were to ask me (you didn’t, but here I am answering anyway), the issue of wearing makeup with glasses is a nonstarter. This is mainly because when I wear my glasses (which is often), I mostly give up on everything else. But this is not some tacit sign of resignation—far from it. It’s just that I’m in love with my glasses. They’re these, and I think they’re all that I need on my face most days. Quite frankly, I dig the library-chick vibe quite a lot, and it certainly saves me time in the morning when I’m not in the mood to fumble around for my contacts and figure out exactly how I’m supposed to treat foundation if it gets on my eyelids. Again, this is most mornings.

Watch this cool video by the ineffable Lisa Eldridge on how to look stunning!

Source: Emily Ferbe

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