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5 Steps To Get The Haircut You Want


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I am sure like all women you have experienced the horror of a bad haircut.

When you are sitting in the chair, and get that awful feeling that this experience is not going to end well. Perhaps it is the case of looking at the stylist own hair style and not feeling the love!  Or you are finding it difficult to to communicate your wishes….  been there – done that!

If you’ve ever had a post-salon meltdown, raise your hand. We’ve all been there. Whether you wanted a lob and got a bob or asked for layers and ended up with a mullet, there’s nothing like a bad haircut to ruin your day (or, depending on how fast your hair grows, month).

Because salon visits should be relaxing and self esteem-boosting—not traumatic—we asked founder and creative director of New York’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor, Michael Angelo, to share his tips on how to ensure the perfect cut every time. Hint: It’s all about communication. Read on below!

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