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We are bombarded with heaps of ideas of “how to” when it comes to makeup, and it is had sometime to work through the mountain of information, so we have sourced this very informative list for you to put you on the right path.  8 Do’s and 11 Don’ts – so let’s get started to put you on the right pathway – Have fun♥


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Makeup tips fill the pages of fashion magazines, beauty blogs, and YouTube videos galore. Although well-intentioned, most of this so-called “advice” is confusing, contradictory, completely impractical, or unnecessarily complicated. What’s worse, following some of the recommendations can even harm your skin, and that’s never pretty!


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    • Rather than leaving you to sort through all of those tips on your own, we’ve compiled a list of the ultimate makeup
    • DOs and DON’Ts. Follow these tips and no matter what your skill level, you can achieve a gorgeous look without wasting your money or harming your skin! Now that’s what we call beautiful!
  • Makeup DOs

    • DO use a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Your best bet is to try on a foundation in the department store before you buy it. Drugstore options are often brilliant, but you can’t try them on, and trying to make do with the wrong color will lead to nothing but problems. Apply the foundation from your cheek down past your jaw. You’re not going to wear foundation on your neck, but you want to make sure it looks natural from your face to your neck.
    • DO apply foundation on your eyelids up to the brow. Applying foundation on your eyelids will help eyeshadows go on smoothly and cover any redness, giving your entire face an even and smooth appearance.
    • DO use complementary makeup colors. Think of your blush and lipstick as an outfit you’re going to wear on your face. For example, if you are wearing a pink lip color, make sure your blush is in a similar color family. You wouldn’t wear a pink skirt and an orange top, would you? DON’T wear that on your face either.
    • DO apply eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. A soft black, grey, or charcoal brown shade can beautifully enhance your lashes and frame your eye. Be sure to get the liner between the lashes; it’s helpful to use a magnifying mirror to be sure you place it exactly. If the outer corners of your eyelids have begun to droop, make sure the eyeliner turns up ever-so-slightly, so you DON’T emphasize the drooping.For the lower lash line, for daytime, it’s best to use a softer color than you do for the upper lash line. Lining all the way around your eye in black is an extreme look that’s best saved for nighttime, if ever.Helpful hint: Powder eyeshadow can also be worn as eyeliner. Apply it wet or dry with a fine-tip brush.
    • DO shade and define your eyes. Eyeshadow is all about enhancing your eye area, not coloring it. It’s best not to use eyeshadow colors that match your eye-blue eyeshadow does not make blue eyes look better, it just looks out of date and overdone, which is why you rarely see examples of this in fashion magazines. Shades of brown (there are dozens and dozens) all the way to black allow for an amazing range of sophisticated, glamorous, elegant, and classic looks.
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