(Video) What Glasses Suit Me?

This cool video will help you decide what is the correct shape glasses for your personal Face Shape.

Glasses are an expensive accessory (and necessity to see…. ), so we want to make sure the investment we make is going to really enhance our features.  You have not only the shape to consider – but the color!

For example, are you a Cool undertoned person or a Warm?  A cool person has pink and blue undertones in their skin, a warm person has yellow and gold.

So if you are a cool – choose frames that are in the  Cool Category: Silver, pinks and blues, white, grey, navy,  blue green, turquoise, rose brown, aqua, and only if you are a Winter season black.

If you are a Warm  – choose frames that are in the Warm category : Gold, bronze, auburn, yellow green, ivory, apricot, tan, camel, yellow red, mustard, orange, beige and definitely not black.

With thanks to Michelle Phan for these awesome glasses face shapes tips.

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