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Is It Time To Stop Coloring Your Hair?


Having your hair your natural color “Grey” is becoming so much more fashionable

 Have you been thinking about letting your hair go grey?  Quite a decision – right?

You know the easiest way to know if you would be happy with your look is to go to a wig shop and have a good try on – not only the color – but the style as well.  If you decide to go grey this would be a great time to also update your style- and to complete the look be sure to get a makeover by a professional makeup artist – to learn the new techniques necessary for your new hair color.

Don’t forget about wearing your very best color for your skin, hair and eye color – a professional Color consultant is your first stop here for the right advice – Color is a no cost item and can make massive difference to your look.

How To Go Natural With Gray Hair

Meryl Steep gray hair in The Devil Wears Prada

Ladies, who says that only men can be awarded the title “silver foxes?” Just take a look at who is going natural with their gray hair these days!

If you’ve colored your hair for years and are now considering to go natural with your gray hair, you are not alone! Over 50% of baby boomers who have colored their hair for years, now reportedly are making the shift to embrace their silver foxiness. They want to know how to get back to their natural gray hair. Though it’s definitely a big time and money commitment keeping grey roots hidden, making the changeover to go natural with gray hair can be frightening and even a bigger undertaking.

Sometimes embracing your grays just might be the style change you’re looking for. Seriously, haven’t you heard, “gray is the new black?” Some of the celebs that have embraced a return to natural hair include Jamie Lee Curtis, Patti Smith, Sharon Stone and Emmylou Harris to mention just a few. And, they look great and are even getting good press about it! You can learn how to go gray with grace by copying the examples of some of these stars.Jamie Lee Curtis with natural gray hair with a pixie cut
Getting Started

If you regularly dye your hair with permanent hair color you will need to cut back on the dye so your gray hair can begin to show through. This can be a tricky phase to get through. One way to get things over quickly is to let your roots grow in as much as is comfortable and get a pixie cut a la Jamie Lee Curtis. You can use a hair mascara like, Tween-Time or Hairmarker, (Sally’s Beauty Supply) for the in-between time, to touch up roots that show. If that becomes too much, roots can be blended into your old color with lowlights or highlights until the transition is complete.

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