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Is eye cream really necessary??

Did you know that the tissue round the eye is the most delicate of our whole body?  This is why what creams we put round the eyes is so important – your normal moisturizer is too heavy for this area.  The skin round the eyes requires the lightest of products.  People age round the eyes first!  Take a look around and you will see what I mean – this is why caring for the skin round your eyes daily is essential. We have 6 top tips for you today.


Do You Really Need Eye Cream?

The surprising answer, plus what to look for and what to skip.

Certain skincare items are non-negotiable: Cleanser, sunscreen and moisturizer have permanent sports in our personal arsenal. But eye cream straddles a gray area between an extra or an essential. Or does it? We talked to top dermatologists and aestheticians to find out how important these specialized treatments truly are. The verdict seems you should make space in your routine for the tiny jars. Read on for the eye-opening answers about the importance of eye creams.

Why should you use eye cream?

“The eyelid is the thinnest skin on the body and since it’s constantly active  (we blink 10,000 times a day), the skin around the eye area is the first to show age,” says dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman. So it stands to reason that they need a little extra TLC.

To that end, “Eye creams are typically designed to be lighter in texture than facial moisturizers,” adds dermatologist Dr. Ruta Peckuviene. “Heavy creams can increase fluid retention and exacerbate eye puffiness. Plus, regular moisturizers don’t have specific ingredients that address dark circles by targeting weakened blood vessels to counteract the leakage that causes them,” she says.

What ingredients should you look for?

Think of your eye cream as you do your morning coffee: An instant pick-me-up. “The perfect eye cream will contain caffeine to constrict the vessels under the eyes to decrease puffiness. It would also ideally include peptides to stimulate collagen production, antioxidants to prevent free radical damage to the skin and niacinamide to reduce discoloration,” says Dr. Jaliman. “A great day eye cream might also contain mica, a light reflecting ingredient that helps camouflage dark circles,” she says.

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