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How To Repair Damaged Curly Hair



Oh our poor hair sometimes gets a hard time

What- with coloring, overexposure to the sun, hair dryers, straighteners  -you know the list goes on… So it is understandable that sometimes the condition just needs some serious help – well… we have 11 Steps for you to know how to repair your Dry and Damaged Hair, and return it to looking stunning!

11 Steps to Repair Dry and Damaged Curls

Curly or coily hair is naturally dry and fragile. Yet even so, we like to dye it, fry it or constantly crazy style it all in the name of fashion. All of this manual, chemical and heat manipulation, however, can affect the health of our hair and contribute to it not looking or feeling its optimal best. Hair damage can result in the hair shaft, cuticle or cortex become frayed and cracked, unable to return to its original, healthy state without some additional help.

Though it may not be possible to miraculously repair very damaged hair without cutting the damaged areas off, there are things we can do to manage and improve its condition. “Yes, you can avoid chopping it off if the damage is not that bad,” says Kelly Foreman, CEO and founder of MopTop, Inc. “There are products and techniques out there that can temporarily improve the condition of your hair to make it look and feel healthier as well as prevent future damage.”

Here, we explore 11 strategies to minimize and manage the damage to your dry, brittle curls, so that they’re unbelievably soft once again.

Deep Conditioning Is a Must

Deep conditioners are vital in the process of restoring health and manageability to rough, brittle hair. “Dry, highly textured hair is often tangled and delicate. Moisturization is necessary to soften brittle ends and obtain soft, touchable curls,” says Miko Branch, CEO of Miss Jessie’s.

Protein Treatments Help

Protein treatments are a great way to reinforce the hair shaft and harden the cuticle layer, placing a barrier around the follicle, which protects it from further damage. Hydrolyzed proteins used in most protein treatments temporarily mend your hair by filling gaps in the cuticle, allowing your hair to better retain moisture and giving it more sheen and strength. It also revitalizes your curls by restructuring some of the bonds that make your hair curly.

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