The Skills Of Contouring


I am sure you have looked at the beautifully made up models and thought – how on earth do I achieve the contouring like that and not look blotchy?

The trick is knowing how to contour for your personal Face Shape  – and learning to blend your contouring products well – important to invest in some good brushes so you get a polished effect with no sharp lines – remember – blend – blend – blend!  Also make sure you have good lighting and check in another mirror to make sure of the desired effect.

We have contouring tricks for every face shape to share with you from Ashley Rebecca Contributor for

We love hearing from our panel of beauty pros about the latest and greatest beauty tricks. Today, we’re lucky enough to hear from New York-based makeup artist Ashley Rebecca, who fills us in on how to contour for your face shape. Take it away Ashley!


How to Contour For Your Face Shape

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