How To Refresh A Tired Face


There are days when we need a little bit of help to shine – one of the keys is working to your natural undertone of your skin.  Everyone is either a Warm or Cool Undertone – Warm (yellow and gold) Cool (Pink and Blue).  It is important to wear makeup especially for your natural skin color as the wrong color brings up the negatives.  For example shows up the dark circles, skin imperfections, and you lose the healthy glow.  Where as the right color minimizes the negatives, and helps us look healthy.

This is especially true also with the color of the clothes we wear – a very good investment is to go to a professional Color Consultant and find out what colors really suit you.  For a great “Free on Line Color Analysis”  which chooses your personal Skin, Hair and Eye Color check out   This amazing app will sort it all out for you – just upload your photo and have some fun.

Refreshing a tired face

When a person is tired and exhausted this is sure to show on his face. Makeup is a great ally in covering up the fatigue as long as you know how to use it. It is not the quantity of makeup that will help you cover up the signs of a sleepless night, but the wise combination of colors.

For red eyes

Bloodshot eyes are a sign that you are in dire need of sleep. However if you still have a few hours of the work day to go, you will have to resort to makeup.

Skin with warm undertones

  • You can neutralize the effect of the red eyes with golden eye shadows and eye liner and/or mascara.
  • Apply blush in a sparkling champagne color around the eyes and on the cheekbones. This will open up the eyes.
  • Mocha colored shades will refresh the look of your eyes.
  • Black mascara will create contrast and the redness of your eyeballs will be neutralized.
  • Trace the lips with a pencil lip liner in chocolate color and fill in with yellowish brown lipstick. Cover with light pink gloss.

Skin with cold undertones

  • Use eye shadows and eye liner with blue undertones.
  • Apply white shadows to the eyelids just below the eyebrows.
  • Put some light gray over the lids.
  • Accentuate on the base of the lid with dark blue or gray in order to open up the eye.
  • Outline your lips with plum colored pencil lip liner and fill in with lipstick in the color of wild berries. Cover with clear lip gloss.

Avoid applying makeup in pink, violet or red tones.

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