(Video) Improve The Length Of Eyelashes?

I have always had sort fine eyelashes and was thrilled when Lash Extensions came available.  I loved them, looked great …. but…. the time involved for infills,  the cost, and not being able to use my eye cream or oil.  Then – my therapist got some new glue… and it stuck like concrete and could not be removed and eventually the short, fine eyelashes really suffered and became stumps!

Horrors!  What to do??  I had heard about eyelash serums, and tried several till I found one that really worked, you will not believe my eyelashes today – awesome.  The only thing is now it does become expensive keeping it up – essential by the way.

I have found this interesting Video on how to make your own Natural Lash Growth Serum – definitely worth a try!!

With thanks to Ela Gale for this most informative video.


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