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Are Your Products Infested With Bacteria?


Gosh, this is such an important subject – I am amazed at the number of videos on television and on websites explaining the benefits of their products and the demonstrator “puts her fingers in the jar” !!  Oh my goodness – this is fundamental knowledge they should have –

DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGERS IN THE JAR  – USE A SPATULA and sterilize after use.

What about you?  What do you do?  Why go to all the trouble of purchasing beautiful skin care if you don’t look after it – if you want it to last germ free then please use a spatula and do not store in the bathroom or in the sun…  to learn more check out this important information below.


How Bacteria-Infested Are

My Beauty Products?

If the beauty industry had its own horror film, it might go something like this: A pretty girl walks into her bathroom, scoops out some moisturizer with her fingers, and applies it to her face. When she walks away, a minefield of flesh-eating bacteria begins to fester in her moisturizer jar. The next day, when she applies her moisturizer again, her skin is literally eaten alive by the bacteria, all because she dipped her grubby hands into the jar.

The moral of the story? Don’t touch your cosmetics. It’s hygiene advice that seems timeless, sort of like “wash your hands after you use the restroom.” But so many things come in jars—and who can keep track of those mini spoons?

A researcher named Elizabeth Brooks wanted to know too. Her two-year study, presented in 2004, took cultures from tester bottles in department stores to see what was growing inside. Ready for it? (Sit down.) She found staph, strep, and E. coli bacteria growing inside most of them. When she tested the samples on Saturdays, the day department stores have the highest foot traffic, the contamination rate was 100 percent. Every. Single. Bottle was contaminated with some kind of bacteria.

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