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5 Easy Tricks To Age Proof Your Hands



Many ladies spend a lot of time effort and money on their face but they forget about their hands… our hands definitely show the effects of aging, and need the same love we give our face (and neck!) .. by the way – do you moisturize the back of your neck as well??   This is another place that shows aging so start give the back of your neck attention as well …  others see the back of our neck!  Anyway, back to our hands, when I exfoliate my face, neck and decolletage – I also do my hands, and every morning and night I apply my anti aging product to my hands as well – just make it part of your routine, and your hands will love you for it♥

5 incredibly easy tricks to age-proof your hands

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The first sign might be crinkling at the knuckles, or ridges on the nails. Or maybe it’s a little liver spot. Whatever signs of aging your hands might be revealing, we’ve got a dermatologist-approved solution — and several ounces of prevention, too.

Slather on (the right) hand cream

Your strongest line of defense is simple: Consistently use a rich hand cream with a built-in sun protection factor of 15 or higher. “If a hand cream contains broad-spectrum SPF, it will prevent and slow down the signs of aging, including brown spots and wrinkles,” explains New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco. In addition, the emollients in hand cream keep skin hydrated, which slows down free-radical damage, says Dr. Frederic Brandt, a dermatologist with practices in New York and Miami. If the cream also contains antioxidants, you’ll see plumper skin and diminished wrinkles, too. Which antioxidants should you look for? One of the most powerful on the market — retinol — is perfect for hands, reveals Fusco. “It’s a multi-tasker and addresses all signs of aging.”

IDsneakysources of sun damage

Driving (yes, even through a car window!) and gardening are two top causes of incidental sun exposure. And there’s more. According to Fusco, UV exposure from nail salon dryers is another surprising culprit. In addition to applying SPF-infused hand cream, consider investing in sun-protective gloves for your daily drive to work and ask your manicurist to rub a layer of sunscreen on the tops of your hands before you place them under the UV dryer.

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