(Video) Everyday Makeup For Dark Skin

We have a lovely video for you today – a Every Day makeup for dark skin by Nikki Perkins for you to enjoy.

With your Skin tone –
More often than not, dark skinned women tend to have an uneven skin tone. They have darker forehead and lighter center, so, in order to get flawless looking skin, we often have to play with few shades of foundation, if we want to get the most natural of looks.
The thing to remember, when applying foundation, is that we want to create a seamless finish and gradual transition between the lighter part of the face (which is, usually, the center) and darker parts of complexion (which are, usually, the forehead and perimeter).
If you want to enhance the lighter tone in your skin, then, simply apply a tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation that matches the center of your face and then, use a copper bronzer on the forehead and perimeter of your face. Remember to blend, blend and blend! This will help diffuse the transition between the two tones… and remember always to blend, blend, blend.

With thanks to the lovely Nikki Perkins for this most helpful video


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