How Much Makeup To Wear To Work



It is important to give some thought to your choice of dress and makeup for work – a good guide line is to take the guidance from others in the work place – especially those in a position you wish to aspire to.  This is always a good guide line to know you are on the right track.  Let’s look first at how much makeup to wear to work.

How Much Make-up Should You Wear at Work?

Done correctly, make-up enhances your natural beauty and can be a professional choice for the office. However, it’s easy to overdo it and wear too much. Making a good impression and ensuring your co-workers that you are worthy of the job is easy to do if you can master the right make-up look. Here’s how to know if you’re putting on too much so that you can tone it down and look your best at work and anywhere you go.



Remember Mimi from the Drew Carey show? She is a prime example of too much make-up. You want to highlight your eyes by wearing colors that complement your skin tone without having to put on a ton of it. Choose neutral colors that make your eyes pop and stick on one coat instead of piling it on until no one could possibly take you seriously.

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You can certainly try a red lip or a smoky eye for work if you keep it appropriate. But doing both is too much. You want your make-up look to help you appear your best, not be so distracting that other people won’t be able to concentrate when you’re around.

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