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I love a shine one eyes and also a dewy skin but there are some tricks to pull off the shine – also with your choice of fabrics  – yes, wearing a shiny fabric can be aging to your face as a shine will emphasizes – with the reflection of light so as we age it is a good idea to keep to matte fabrics.  We have some good ideas here on how to rock the Shiny eye shadow and lips look.

How to Wear Shimmery Makeup Like an Adult

shimmery makeup

Shimmery makeup is a polarizing subject. To many, high shine is a relic, a beauty memento of the days when Britney Spears dominated your discman. But just because you smeared metallic silver eyeshadow up to your brows in the late ’90s, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear shimmer in 2015 and still look like an adult. Whether the shimmer is on your cheeks or your lids, the key to wearing it in a modern way is all in how you apply it. We went to superstar makeup artist and butter LONDON’s Global Color Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes to learn exactly how to wear shimmery makeup—plus what not to do.

Let shimmery eyeshadow be your statement.
If you’re swiping shine on your lids, let that be the focal point of your beauty look. “Wear shimmery shadow all on its own to look more current and modern,” Katie says. “Too many shimmery elements will look retro, and not in a good way.” Opt for a neutral shade that’s easier to work with and goes well with bold lipsticks.

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