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Wanting To Grow Out Your Hair Color?



You have made the decision to grow out your hair color – but are not looking forward to the process, in fact it can be down right scary – as it is not a pretty look .. but if you are tired of the time, money and effort you spend on keeping your hair color shades up to date then it is a good decision to go back to natural – however, we can make the process easier for you by taking the time and gradually making the transition – please scroll to read more…



How To Grow Out Your Hair Color Without Looking Crazy

There are dozens of reasons to go on a hair-color hiatus. Weaning off the bottle will help improve the health of your strands and can save you serious time and money. Taking a step back from dying altogether is also totally en vogue right now, with colorists jumping on the bandwagon of endorsing soft, lived-in locks. The only problem? After years of regularly scheduled color appointments, how is one supposed to transition back to a more natural — or totally dye-free — mane without looking crazy in the process?”The most important thing is to have a plan,”Nine Zero One hair colorist Morgan Parks told us. In other words, forget dying your hair the one color you think best reflects your natural shade, or diving headfirst into color-correction boot camp. Parks suggests taking baby steps, by softly blending your roots into your current color, then slowly adding soft touches of color over several months. Not only will it save the integrity of your hair, it’ll also make the transition easier on you, too. (Anyone who’s done it knows that a quick color change can be jarring, to say the least.) However, not all shades should be treated the same. So Parks, who regularly takes people back to a life of less maintenance, broke down the process for us.

Bye-Bye, Mall Girl Highlights
Some highlights will grow out without so much as a follow-up appointment (such as baby lights or sombre), but if your colorist has been foiling the color right up to the scalp, it will take some skill to blend and soften it into a seamless grow-out. “This is my favorite thing to do,” Parks told us. “Nine times out of 10 when someone sits in my chair with over-highlighted, stripy hair, they actually have a really beautiful natural color.” Which, she told us, makes it easy.

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