What Your Lipstick Shape Saying About You



As a makeup artist it is very interesting to see all the different shapes of lipsticks people show me and so I made a study of the personality outlines from the shape you make your lipstick .. it is fun to see if  the description fits the lady. I bet you will be running off to get your lipstick and check it out ….

A Brief Analysis Of Lipstick Shapes


Through experience, time, and the careful, conscientious examination of other people’s habits (in an attempt to steer away from analyzing my own), I have learned a few funny, odd, and unimportant things. One of these things is about how people use lipstick.

People who love lipstick—and I mean really love it—wear it down, but not everyone wears down their lipsticks the same way. I’ve noticed three distinct archetypes among lipstick users, and they are The Flat, The Curve, and The Slope.

The Flat lipstick shape comes from a hard-pressed, quick-and-dirty style of applying lipstick. The inner psychologist in me wants to believe that this lipstick shape is created by a girl on the run with a no-bullshit attitude. This person usually applies lipstick throughout the day—and often. It’s probably a nude color or a red that’s been saved for years—the classics.

To find out more are you a Curve or Slope?  Visit Source below


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