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DIY Method To Get Smooth Heels



To look good and rock those sexy heels, you need to make sure your heels are in tip top shape .. there nothing worse than seeing dry cracked heels, not only does it look awful it is most uncomfortable and sore.  In the summer your heels dry out really quickly so it is essential to keep them well nourished – morning and night with a very good foot and heel cream.  We have some great tips to get your heels in tip condition so please continue reading.

A Proven DIY Remedy To Get Soft & Smooth Feet Just In 2 days!

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Every body deserves and wishes for pretty and groomed feet which feel amazing when touched. Not only they look good, they also make your feet ready to flaunt any type of footwear. From to killer stilettos to those strappy sandals – your feet can take everything, right? Imagine how hideous it would have looked on someone with dead skin and cracked heels. And it’s not just about looks; cracked heels can be painful and uncomfortable as well. Sometimes the problem can be severe enough to lead to bleeding! Don’t believe us? It’s true! Cracks on our heels can open up badly enough to expose the flesh under the skin to finally lead to bleeding and other infections.

This is exactly why, maintaining and taking care of your feet is not only about looking good, it is also about hygiene and comfort. And of course, there’s the added benefit of wearing any kind of footwear. Are you the kind who chooses her footwear depending on the condition of your feet or find it hard to walk because of those severe cracks on your heels? If so, then we are here with an amazing solution to this problem of yours. In this article, we will give you an extraordinary remedy that will not only soften your heels, it will also soothe the skin around the problem area of your feet. Brilliant, isn’t it? So, without further ado, let’s get started with the remedy.

Baking Soda

This is an amazing home remedy that you can follow to treat and cure your cracked heels and make them look enviably beautiful. The primary component of this trick is ordinary baking soda. If you are wondering why we are using baking soda and doubt the effectiveness of this trick, then do not worry. We will explain everything to you in details why we completely vouch for this remedy.

You will want the recipe… so please visit source below:


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