Skin Care

The Many Benefits Of Coconut Oil


Gosh, I love coconut oil, we use it for cooking, oil pulling (for a real fresh clean mouth), a great skin care and also for dry hair and scalp. I also put it on my puppies dinner for great skins and a healthy coat – there are heaps more uses to benefit the whole family.  Make sure you purchase a good quality 100% Pure and Natural oil.

I’m a big fan of coconut oil for skin care. I chose to use it instead of the usual post-procedure ointments after a pretty deep facial laser procedure last month. My skin healed quickly and without any problems! This is a testament to the healing properties of coconut oil on damaged skin, if ever there was one! I recommend coconut oil for many skin problems, including to calm highly sensitive allergic skin problems, to help soothe scalp dermatitis, for people prone to staph skin infections, and for post-laser care.


To find out more fantastic uses for Coconut oil……. visit  Source: By Cynthia Bailey MD


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