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Step By Step Procedure For Your Own Foot Spar


Foot care is essential to achieve smooth skin and not suffer from cracked heels – if you want to look good in your summer sandals now is the time to get busy and give your feet the pamper they deserve!  Too often our feet are neglected and yes, it takes time, but well worth the effort.


Do you have bad feet that just hate you when you wear a heel? You are not alone! It is actually not a big deal to have dry or cracked foot. But still it is so simple to solve it, as the foot scrubs or soaks can always fix the problem for you. Soaking your feet in the wonderful soaks can actually soften your dry skin and give a soothing effect for the feet. Check these simple steps to make your own DIY homemade foot soak.

Step 1: Set up a soothing place

Choose a place where you stay calm and away from any disturbances. Place a chair for yourself in which you feel comfortable. Just lay an absorbent towel on the floor wherever you intend to soak your feet. So that even if the water spills down from the soaking pan, the pad down can avoid the damage to your floor. You can soak your foot in your garden, backyard or bathroom etc.

Step 2: Fill the pan

 Take a large pan or a basin in which you can soak your feet. It should be large and comfortable enough to place your feet. Boil the water and fill it in a funnel and just fill the basin with two third of warm water. Do not use overly hot water as it may cause tissue damage and worsen the dryness.

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