Have Fun Trying Out Some New Enhancing Techniques

Have you been applying your makeup the same way for…. years?  Is it time for a update?  A new look?  A new technique can give you a real lift – a little bit of practice following the steps below will have your application down pat.  Be sure to add a light blusher and soft glossy lipstick to complete the look.

AlejandraMy all-time favorite makeup technique for making eyes stand out is Double Lining. It’s a trick that I developed years ago and it’s still the best way I’ve found to add density, depth and definition to eyes. All you need is gel liner and powder shadow—here’s how:

Step 1:

Apply a dark shade of powder Eye Shadow as close as possible to the lash line using an Eye Liner Brush. Dampen the brush slightly before dipping it into the shadow for added intensity and to minimize shadow fall-out. Make sure that the line is thick enough to be visible when your eyes are open.

Step 2:

DoubleLining_Step_1_Crisp-500x499Using the new Ultra Precise Eye Liner Brush, re-line eyes with a complementary shade of Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. Lift the eyelid a bit to make sure you get the liner deep into the lash line. The result is an intense liner look that really makes eyes pop.


Step 1:

Line the top lash line with Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and the new Ultra Precise Eye Liner Brush. I like to start with a thin line, and then build product gradually, making the line thicker as I move outward.

DoubleLining_Step_2_Crisp-500x499Step 2:

Before the gel liner sets, apply a dark powder Eye Shadow along the lash line with an Eye Liner Brush using short, even strokes. This creates a softer, hazier look and is also a great way to cover-up any skips or gaps in the first line.


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