Brow Gel Steps For Perfect Eyebrows


Brows have a lot of focus in today’s modern makeup look, and taming those unruly brows do take some special techniques, we have some tips for your on how to achieve a lovely brow.  Your Brows are the frame to your whole face – much like the picture frame – and we communicate through our eyes so it is important to have the brows looking well shaped and groomed.

Steps for Perfect Eyebrows

eyebrow gel tips

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Most eyebrow products are relatively user-friendly. There’s really only one spot to apply them, and they usually resemble a pencil. Draw on the faux hairs, brush through, and call it a day. But what about products like eyebrow gels? It’s a weird concept–you know, tamping down the hair above your eyes—but they have a genius purpose and can get you once step closer to eyebrow perfection.

Just like you use hairspray to set your hair, eyebrow gel is used to secure your brows in place, says Maribeth Madron, the global eyebrow expert for Maybelline New York. Typically, eyebrow gels are clear, tend to look like tubes of mascara, and they’re the final step in creating your brow look. NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel($6, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel ($22, are two examples that follow this function.

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