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The Top Colours You Need In Your Wardrobe

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This 15 Page Ebook with lots of awesome photos will show you the Top Colours You Need In Your Wardrobe and information about your Key Colours – with a a new season it is always a great time to have a good look at your wardrobe and see what key pieces you would like to add.

If you would like to take your knowledge on Colour even further – I have written an in depth Ebook on the Wonderful World of Colour and Colour Psychology – and how you can use Colour Effectively to give you Confidence and Make an impact!

This 52 page Ebook has lots of awesome colour pictures and details of the Positive Attributes and Negative Attributes of colour – including Wearing colours for Emotional and Physical impact.

Find out the Messages that Colour sends – fascinating!

Wanting to make an impression – what colours to wear?
Want to have people to listen to you – what colour?
What colour to wear if you are selling?
What colour to wear for business?
Asking for a promotion?  Got to get this colour right!
Plus heaps more – knowing the Psychology of Colour can make you look good and feel great and give you an unfair advantage at the same time.
This extensive Ebook is only $23.00 and you can order

HERE NOW and it will be sent to you in a PDF

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White, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, Light Blue, Blue Green, Green, Apple Green, Mint Green, Orange, Peach, Yellow, Brown, Maroon Red, Black

Then,  I will send you the details on “What Your Favourite Colour Is Saying About You”  – you will be amazed how accurate this is!

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