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Essential Tips You Need To Know On Solarium Tanning

Beautiful woman in solarium. Attractive young woman tanning in solarium and smiling at camera

I have a home solarium as I am very pale and love to have a bit of color – but I am super cautious to not to over do it – and always, always, always protect my entire face and neck – plus my hands!! I cover my face and neck with a soft towel and leave my hands out of the machine.

The first signs of aging show on our Face, Neck and hands so you do not want to think – it does not matter – because it does!  The skin has an amazing memory – it remembers everything you have done to it – and it show up very clearly in later life – have a look at people who have smoked or over tanned – and you will see what I mean – the texture and appearance of the skin is greatly effected- plus the wrinkles are really deep and there is no going back – so please take great care and check out these great tips to ensure healthy, happy tanning♥

10 things you must comply with before going to solarium

Beauty in solarium. Attractive young woman tanning in solarium and smiling

All of us ladies want to look beautiful, to have glowing and pretty skin and get a bit of the so desired tan and not only in the summer but all year round. If you do not have the opportunity to go on a vacation and relax under the sunlight at a beautiful beach, your other option is the solarium. However, the solarium can be dangerous if you do not follow the rules for its usage. Here they are:


  1. Before starting the solar procedures carefully determine your skin type. Remember strictly the directions for use of the solarium, especially with regard to the durability of the procedure.


  1. Solarium is not recommended for people with sensitive skin, under 16 and / or people with freckles.


  1. If you have skin irritation or skin problems, consult your doctor whether is prudent the use of the tanning beds. If you suffer from acne or psoriasis, UV-radiation could have a positive effect.

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