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It all starts with having a great routine – looking after the whole you..  Regular exercise..  yes I know,  this is hard sometimes to fit in – but get yourself a puppy (I have two) and they just make you go for walks in the fresh air a joy for all of you.   Looking after your skin each and every day, check your diet – a good start is to eliminate sugar, and anything thing processed – you will see immediate benefits. Have a laugh!  I just went to amazing variety show last night and have never laughed so much – what a great way to lift the spirits.

So with all the information out there it is difficult to sort the good from the bad, so we do it for you!  We sourced this interesting article from Harper’s Bazaar on Makeup Secrets to looking younger I know you will enjoy♥  Let us know what you think..  and give us a like – thanks♥



Pros reveal the blunders to avoid and how to turn back the clock

What if the very makeup you so carefully apply every morning is actually aging you? Consider it the beauty version of spinach in your teeth—despite how embarrassing it might be, few people will point it out to you. Here, the experts map out the simple tweaks that can take years off your look.

FLAWLESS SKIN: Nothing will age you faster than makeup that has settled into every line and wrinkle. “Skin tends to get drier as we get older, causing foundation to cluster in creases,” explains Gina Brooke, Madonna’s go-to makeup guru. To prevent foundation from morph ing into a road map of your fine lines, start with moisturizer or face oil and follow with primer to create a smooth palette. Try Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener Primer ($48). Avoid spackle-like foundation—you want a light formula. Try Kimara Ahnert Picture Perfect Foundation ($52). Skin color often changes as we age, so be sure that your foundation matches your current skin tone. (To find the right shade, take a hand mirror and stand by a window to check it in natural light. Be prepared to be shocked.) “Sun spots also confuse many women,” says Sandy Linter, a Lancôme celebrity makeup artist. “Look for a shade in between the spots and the rest of your skin.” Even if you’re spot-free, warmer tones can make you look younger. Finally, don’t use powder; it will amplify fine lines. If you’re truly oily, just powder your T-zone.

ROSY CHEEKS: Powder is also a no-no when it comes to blush. “The key to looking fresh is using a cream blush—it’s more blendable,” Brooke says. Warm shades with a hint of pink or rose gold in them work best for most skin tones. “To give your face a lift, put blush on the apples of your cheeks, then add a touch of highlighter on the center of the cheekbones and blend it up to the temples.” Try Nars The Multiple in Orgasm ($39) and Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat highlighter ($41).

Visit source below for more great tips from Emily Dudding – including Younger Looking Eyes, Groomed Brows, and Fuller lips…

This article originally appeared in the October 2015 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR.

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