(video) Camouflage And Color Correct makeup

We all have things we want to camouflage, color correct,  and hide when it comes to preparation prior to make up.

Concealers are one of the best products created, and a really good concealer can hide under eyes dark circles, concealing blemishes, age spots,  broken capillaries – before we show you how to camouflage.   You also need to choose a foundation which really suits your natural skin undertone.

Enjoy this great Video by Pixiewoo for Color Correcting and hiding blemishes.

.From Pixiwoo:  Hi Everyone, I really hope you enjoy this video it such a hard subject to explain but hopefully it made sense. Please ask me any question you have and I will try my best to answer you please bare in mind that without seeing you in person it’s hard to give exact colors.

With thanks to Pixiwoo for this great video we love her natural chatty videos – if you would like to see more,  just like us and give us a comment on what you would like to see.


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