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(Video) Baking Soda 10 Top Uses – Amazing

O.K.  This Post Is A Little Away From My Usual “Beauty Posts”

However, I know you will love these 10 top uses for Baking Soda (actually, there is two Beauty related ones as well included).  Good old Baking Soda it has so many uses round the home and I am going to tell you one more… Do you have problems with Tarter  build up om your teeth?  Well…. I have the answer for you.  Get an egg cup and add baking soda mixed with a small amount of table salt and use this as your teeth cleaner.  You will be amazed how it removes the tarter – and your teeth feel super clean.  Do try it.   Now you can go ahead and play the video from Clean My Space and learn 10 more tips with the humble Baking Soda!  Enjoy♥

With thanks to Clean My Space for this helpful Video


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