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Stress!! How To Deal To It Naturally



Stress describes a person’s physical or emotional response to demands or pressures that they may experience from time to time. Common causes of stress include work, money, relationships and illness. Symptoms may include irritability, difficulty sleeping or relaxing, headaches and muscle tension.  We have some natural solutions for you today that will certainly  help.  Most important is not to ignore stress as it can lead to many health problems – so look at this list and see what you feel will work for you.

How to De-stress Naturally – LPN’s Top 6 Stress Relief Tips


I’m not sure what it is, but with every autumn comes transitions. Transitions towards longer workdays, less sleep and maybe even more broad life changes. I also find that during this time of year we try “to do it all” – for me that might mean getting to my yoga classes, maintaining some form of a social life, avoiding the seasonal cold or working on LPN when I can find the time. Now don’t mistake this for complaining; I feel very blessed and grateful, but sometimes we just need to come back down to ourselves, reconnect and find some peace.


Stress is one of the biggest causes of pre-mature aging (up there with sun exposure). Wait, what? When you’re stressed out, blood begins to flow to your muscles and other extremities preparing you for “fight or flight” and is diverted away from key operations such as absorbing vitamins and minerals. When you’re stressed out, your B vitamins are depleted at far above normal rates and chronic stress depletes your beauty vitamin C as well as zinc and magnesium (all key components to beautiful skin). So, if your longevity and happiness aren’t good enough reasons to start winding down, then at least, save your skin 😉

FullSizeRenderSo with a lot on my mind, too little sleep and not enough “me time”, I used the weekend slow down, reflect, nourish, move and connect. Given that I was practicing this self love, I was also inspired to share my Top 6 Ways to Destress Naturally.  Apologies in advance for the lack of product recco’s in this post – but a lot of this comes down to you and your core. <3

1. Movement & Yoga

Whether it is getting up off the couch and out for a walk, or putting yourself upside down to change up your view on things, movement is key in helping remove stress. We all know this, we’ve been hearing it for ages, but I have to admit, for me, yoga can be magic when I am stressed. It can be magic at recharging the batteries with both restorative poses and intense poses (while restorative can bring you back down to the earth, more intense poses can be invigorating and aid in getting your life force back up to its full capacity).


Today I did an intense hot Baptiste Power class – and despite feeling tired, run down and exhausted before going in, I came out feeling recharged emotionally and physically. So much so, that a friend and I played around with Fallen Angel Pose (my first time above) after the intense practice we had completed. Moving the body takes your mind off the stress, and awakens your energy. Don’t underestimate its power.

Some recommended asanas for de-stressing? Check out my post here where I give some of my favourite simple stress-reducing poses.

When I got back to my apartment this evening, it was the perfect lead in to my second recommendation: rest.

2. Rest

Yes, sleep obviously, but what I’m talking about here is relaxation – conscious relaxation. When I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, making my space feel tranquil and peaceful is hugely important to me. What that means to you might be different, maybe it’s as simple as lighting a candle or putting on wooly socks with a cup of tea, or maybe it’s diffusing essential oils and listening to calming music. Regardless of what it is, it is all rooted in removing yourself  from digital devices (and all that comes with that) and really just connecting.

Tonight I lit up my himalayan salt rock lamp and candle holder (pictured above, you can shop candle holders here on Amazon – 2 for $14.99 USD or the salt rock lamp for $18.99). The light it gives off is calming and it also emits negative ions into the air. Why’s that good? Well, positive ions are often created by electronic devices like computers, TVs & microwaves which can exacerbate stress and even give sleep trouble. Negative ions can neutralize positive ions (cf. grade school science) and help cleanse the air.

I also put on some calming music, made some tea, diffused some essential oils and played around with my Tibetan Singing Bowl.

With thanks to Living Pretty Naturally for this great tips please visit source for more ….


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