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12 Benefits Of Dates For Health



The humble date… would you believe how many health benefits you can receive from this fruit.

Dates nutrition facts

What nutrients are there in the dates? A lot indeed! Here are sweet, delicious fruits from the tropical oasis, brimming with much-needed minerals and energy to help you stay fit and healthy.

Botanically; they are the fruits grow on the palm tree belonging to the family of Arecaceae, in the genus: Phoenix, and scientifically named as Phoenix dactylifera. The tree is believed to originate in the lands on the banks of Nile and Euphrates Rivers of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Date palm is now grown extensively for its edible fruits under warmer climates across all the continents.

12 Things That Happen to Your Body if You Eat 3 Dates A Day

Health Benefits of Eating Dates

Only three dates a day replace the daily requirement of vitamins. Here is a list of other benefits of eating dates.

1.Great Source Of Iron

Those suffering from anemia should definitely increase the intake of dates because dates are a great source of iron. Just  100 grams of dates (3.5 oz) contain nearly 0.90 grams (0.03 oz) of iron or 11% of the RDI (recommended daily intake).

Iron is part of the hemoglobin found in red blood cells. It supports the oxygen balance in the blood. Pregnant women as well as teens need large quantities of iron.

2. Good For Eye Health

Dates are packed with zeaxanthin and lutein and this is why this fruit is also known as eye vitamin. Zeaxanthin and lutein play an important role in the maintenance of macula and retina health and prevent potential damage of the macula. This part of the eye is compromised with the aging process. If you want to improve your vision, consume more dates.

3. Ends Diarrhea

Dates are rich in calcium. This mineral is very efficient when it comes to stopping diarrhea. Another thing that makes dates good in situations like this is the fact that they can speed up the regeneration of the gut flora. Regular intake of dates supports the creation of so-called good bacteria in the intestine.

4. Stops Constipation

Besides ending diarrhea, dates can also support the body in its efforts to digest food a little bit faster and get rid of toxins. In order to experience these effects, simply take a few dates before bedtime and leave in a glass of water during the night. In this period, they will release the juice which is known as a great laxative and it will aids the function of the intestines. You can find dates in small bottles in the US where they are used as a medicine. About 100 grams of dates come with 8.5 grams (0.3 oz) of fiber.

5. Dates Aid Delivery

 A scientific experiment that took place in the Jordan university for Science and Technology has proven that taking dates one month before the delivery can ease the pain and reduce the amount and intensity of bleeding. Women who have taken dates delivered much easier compared to those who didn’t. In addition, dates can help women in the postpartum depression period and help them produce the necessary amount of milk for the baby.

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