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You have all heard the saying “Oh the joy of travel”  but actually, travel is really stressful, from deciding what to pack, getting to the airport on time, standing in endless lines to check in – and yes! You have excess baggage to pay….  Sitting next to someone who wants to chat all the way, or is just a tad smelly… oh dear.. and not to mention the food!  Then when you get to your destination – more lines more checks and oh, you made it but your bags didn’t!  Sound like some of your experiances ??  But don’t panic!

Knowing what to take with you on a plane to make sure you have a comfortable trip is a good start to have you arriving looking refreshed and stunning definitely takes some planning ahead. We have 14 great tips to assist – safe travels♥ 


Over the past few years I found myself on an airplane as often as 3-5 times a month. It was awesome to travel so much, but in hind-sight, also pretty darn overwhelming. You’d think with all that travel I would’ve learned something about making my time on the plane comfortable and productive, and slowly but surely I did come to hone my skills at packing the perfect carry-on.

This is what I’ve been toting around with me as of late:

  1. RL Linden Thousand Petals Facial Mist.I use this to spray my face, my hair, and the person next to me if they’re stinky (kind of just kidding on the last part).
  2. Waxelene – Petroleum Jelly Alternative: An easy to transport tube of healing, creamy ingredients that I use on lips, cuticles, and anywhere my skin (or hair) needs a little help.
  3. In Fiore – This beautiful little compact contains a deliciously scented solid oil and wax blend that i like to use for my lips, around my eyes, and on my cuticles. A few years ago, the wonderfully talented hairstylist, Danillo, introduced me to this line, created by a good friend of his, but only recently did my friend, Spirit (of Spirit Beauty Lounge), reintroduce me to it. The whole line is incredible, although I’m still figuring out how, and on which body part to use each of the products.
  4. Ilia Beauty’s Balmy Nights to scrub away that corner-of-the-mouth-yuck.
  5. Hope Gillerman’s Tension Remedy Essential Oil Blend: I love Hope’s whole line of products, and I’ve become very reliant on this to get me through plane rides and trips abroad.
  6. Tata Harper’s Aromatic Irritability Treatment – A beautifully blended myriad of scents I like to roll onto my wrists, temples, and sides of my neck. It’s been a long-time favorite and it’s another one of those multitasking products I often use as a perfume, as well.

You won’t want to miss out on tips 7 to 14 so please visit source below


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