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(Video) Melissa My Old Lady Exercises

We have a great video for you today from Melissa 55, sharing her “Old Lady Exericises”  with us.  You will enjoy this workout from Melissa

A 60-year-old grandmother has become a hit internet sensation after become a beauty vlogger who hopes to help others ‘grow older gracefully and beautifully’.
The woman, known on YouTube as Melissa55, looks hardly a day over 40 with her flawless skin and long blond hair – and she even claims that she doesn’t use moisturizer.
In her videos, the mother of two and grandmother of seven claims that Retin-A and Retinol – skincare products often found in acne treatments and anti-aging serums – are the secret to beauty.

In this Video: Melissa shares –   These are just some exercises I’ve come up with called my old lady exercises. The orange weights are six pounds each and the ankle weights are 2.5 pounds each, or five pounds each leg.

Thank you Melissa for sharing your routine with us.

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