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9 Beauty Resolutions You’ll Keep

Oh, New Year Resolutions ….  these are coming at us thick and fast.. the pressure.. to choose .. which ones to adopt..  all?  some? perhaps none!  But wait, some are worth consideration, yes they actually are.  When it comes to Beauty we really do need some really good New Year Resolutions to keep us on track to make 2016 and awesome year – do check out these 9 we have for you, and see how many you can add to your routine.  Enjoy.

9 Beauty Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep



Ah, January 1: The day when we pledge to do better, look better, be better. The problem is that within weeks, those promises tend to fall by the wayside.

So this year, we’re resolving to make our resolutions doable—and not make those status quo commitments that we just can’t keep. Why torture yourself at bootcamp when you love yoga? The truth is that making smaller tweaks or doubling down on something you’re already working on is far more productive than the quick fixes (even if they take a little more time). But you’re more likely to stick with it anyway, right?

That’s our mindset for the upcoming year. Join us, won’t you?

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