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Paris is famed, throughout the world, for its beautiful and stylish women. While, of course, this isn’t true of all Parisians, especially today, here is a guide on how to look stylish and chic, while keeping your own individual dress style. Make sure all your clothes are your best clothes. Always think, when you’re dressing in the morning, that today you will meet your true love. Would you be happy for him to see you this way? Most of us have a lot of clothes in our wardrobes that we don’t particularly like, but don’t particularly hate. We throw them on at whatever time suits us. The first thing you must do is go through your entire wardrobe and get rid of any clothes that you don’t love. It is much better to have a small, beautiful wardrobe than a large, messy, and mediocre one, that is a great start!

A key component to creating Parisian Style is knowing how to achieve a Beautiful Makeup – these simple to follow steps will show you “HOW TO” 

We’re turning to the chicest women in the world for makeup inspiration: Parisian women! 

Check out Classic Parisian Makeup Tutorial at

Classic Parisian Makeup Tutorial

The Classic Parisian look is one that is elegant, timeless and effortlessly beautiful. It highlights a woman’s natural beauty with elegantly understated makeup that makes a bold statement. It is sophisticated and can survive any era. It is a must that you learn the steps in doing this natural, yet sexy Parisian look that you can wear anywhere and anytime.

Here’s how to do classic Parisian makeup in just five easy steps:

Check out Classic Parisian Makeup Tutorial at

Step 1

The key to a successful Classic Parisian look is great skin and a light coverage foundation that creates a natural glowing finish. For a light coverage foundation, you may opt to apply using the fingers to easily blend the foundation. Apply primarily on areas that need coverage like the chin and nose area.

Check out Classic Parisian Makeup Tutorial at

Step 2

Now that you have that natural finish makeup base, you can apply concealer under the eyes as well as other blemishes with the pinpoint technique. This will help create a more flawless finish.

Check out Classic Parisian Makeup Tutorial at

Step 3

With the Classic Parisian look, you don’t really need to apply colored eyeshadow. Rather, a face powder will do the trick. Just apply around the lids with a makeup brush and that’s all the definition you need.

You must visit the below link to complete this stunning look and check out the final steps and VIDEO BY AZALEA


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