Video Eyebrow Tattoo Update By Dominique

The previous video we posted was so inspiring with Dominiqe sharing her Eyebrow Tattoo (or Microblading) experience so we have now the followup second treatment and how important it is to complete the process – fantastic results as you will see.  The benefits of not having to apply your eyebrows every day is a real plus and .. you look good without makeup.  The most important points to remember – do your research – find a professional operator  – talk to people who have been to her/him previously – (you don’t want someone to make a mistake and your stuck with it).  This way you will be as excited as Dominique with the results.  Let us know what you think and if you have it done already we would love to hear from you.


Video Eyebrow Tattoo Experience By Domique

With thanks to Dominique for sharing her Tattoo experience with us – Awesome 



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