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5 Game Changing Tips For Glasses Wearers


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Glasses  can be a Fashion Accessory, worn to create impact, but for many of us we actually need them to see…  I believe choosing the right glasses is vitally important, you need to consider your face shape, the frames need to mirror your face shape.  The color – are you a Warm or a Cool?  A warm lady has yellow and gold undertone in her skin, a cool lady has pink and blue.  So the color you choose needs to compliment your skin tone and your wardrobe colors.  Consider if you want the glasses to dominate your look – or do you want people to see your face … with so many ladies the glasses are the first thing you see – not the person behind the lens .. think about this when making your choice.  Here are some other useful Makeup tips for glasses wearers.


5 Game-Changing Makeup Tips for Women Who Wear Glasses

Your frames aren’t hiding anything.


Glasses may be a cute accessory, but since most of us need them to actually see things, they are as essential to daily life as your cell phone. But unfortunately, they can bring attention to your dark circles and make other features disappear—not cool on days you can’t deal with contacts. Luckily, we have some genius tricks to minimize those annoying snafus.

Do… Go heavy on the eyelid and top liner.

Here’s an easy rule of thumb: The thicker your frames, the thicker your liner should be. This will ensure your glasses don’t overpower your eyes. Keep dark makeup on top, and use white or nude liner along the lower inner rim to create a contrast that makes your eyes pop.

Don’t… Try falsies or eyelash extensions.

While we love a long lash, few things are more distracting than feeling like you’ve been poked in the eye each time you blink. Steer clear of anything that makes your lashes unnaturally long and make them hit your lenses. Instead, opt for thickening mascaras that have a similar effect but won’t cause a collision your specs.

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